08/15/15 – Two More College Scholarships to Kids of ALS Families

Living with ALS is expensive – on average $250,000/year.  It can make even the most basic purchases feel like impossibilities.  When you have children it can be especially daunting because, which of us doesn’t want our children to have normal childhood experiences… like summer camp, dance lessons, a dress for the prom, college?  ALS patients in Western Pennsylvania,  however, have the village of LiveLikeLou supporting them.  Through Iron Horse Award grants, such as our college scholarships, we are making the road a little easier.  And we are reminding these very special families that they are not alone and they have support.  Thank you donors for your kindnesses, and congratulations to our most recent scholarships awardees!

On the left is Emma Jeanne Held from Washington County, PA. She is the daughter of ALS warrior Marie Held, and the recipient of a LiveLikeLou Iron Horse Scholarship to help her with her Fall term at Seton Hill College. Emma Jeanne will major in Exercise Science and play in the Marching Band!  And on the right is Nick Casasanta.  Nick’s beloved dad passed from ALS earlier this year.  He is currently a freshman at Penn State Beaver, and an awesome ball player!

emma jeanne heldscholarship 1