04/27/16 – 5th Annual “DOW” (Drinking on Wednesdays) Party for Live Like Lou

WOW! DOW!! $36k Y’all! And all for ALS!

It was great to be with dear friends last night – the first DOW without Neil and the largest fundraiser in the history of the DOW. Really – when the Hefren-Tillotson crowd sets their minds to something they do it right – and they have decided fighting ALS is worth it. We are so honored to have your support and Live Like Lou will use every single penny to help patients and their families, and support research to find a cure!

Thank you to Hefren-Tillotson for sponsoring the event, to our VERY generous donors and of course to the sponsors of raffle and auction prizes, including: The Pittsburgh Pirates, Treasure Hunt, Off The Hook Restaurant, McGinnis Sisters, Osiris Spa, Kurt Carlson, Craig T., Don and Lisa Ryan Belt, Joe Nesslein . Special thanks to our DOW Mascot Kim Fleming and her Handsome Co-Host Curt Fleming, Bouncer “Mean Jim Sadowski” (the one counting the cash), Auctioneer Gregory Farrell, Wannabe Auctioneer Al Vallano, the Auctioneer’s Beautiful Assistants John C. Mackie, Brent Heitzenroder and Donna Hill, Secret Wine Cellar Hosts Craig and Jill Smith Tillotson, and Organizers/General Party Patrol Rachel Hawili, Lynn Hyde and Christine Heitzenroder Farrell.

ONWARD – because if Neil could say “ONWARD”, we can too.

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