07/18/16 – Willard J. Tillotson Golf Tournament Raises >$100,000!

IMG_8114It’s been said that pessimists focus on what’s wrong, optimists on what’s right, and visionaries on what’s next. Willard J. Tillotson was a big-hearted, smart, visionary, who led with integrity and a HUGE “can-do” spirit. This is a trait he shared with his children Kim, Craig and Sharon, and his gift to the incredible firm of Hefren-Tillotson. We all loved him and his picture still sits even on my desk at home! In his memory the Annual Willard J. Tillotson Golf Tournament was held July 18th at the beautiful Butler Country Club, and the HT Family, Advisors, Clients, Partners showed up in force, once again showing off their mad golf skills and raising big support ($70,000 and counting!) for Live Like Lou. Because these fine, fine people can envision a world without ALS – and they want that even more than they want to play golf!

Big Love and Thanks to Kim Fleming, Curt Fleming Craig and Jill Smith Tillotson, Sharon Tillotson Gallagher, Brandon Hook and wife Kaitlyn, Gregory Farrell and Christine Heitzenroder Farrell, Allison Brigid Whitney, and our friend Wendy Bell who shared a few words about her friendship with Neil, and to Mother Nature for a beautiful day!

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