How We Make an impact

The LiveLikeLou Foundation is focused on two major impact areas:

1) Supporting ALS patients and their families.

2) Supporting ALS research to find a treatment or a cure.

Supporting ALS Patients And Their Families

The LiveLikeLou Foundation is focused on giving children of ALS families life-enhancing experiences and financial assistance to pursue their higher education dreams.

Hope Loves Company, Inc.

Children living with ALS in their home often face difficult stigma, caregiving, financial, and grief challenges every hour of every day. There is nothing easy about their journey. And, normal childhood activities like summer camp often are not affordable or accessible. 

The LiveLikeLou Foundation is honored to partner with Hope Loves Company Inc., which provides free-of-charge summer camp experiences for children of ALS families across the country. Our funds directly support the operations of the camps to ensure these kids can enjoy a relaxing, enriching and nurturing experience, especially designed for the unique complexities of ALS. In addition to our financial commitment, volunteers from Phi Delta Theta are committed to work at the camps to help the kids fish, play music, throw a ball, roast marshmallows...

Learn more about Hope Loves Company

Iron Horse Scholarships 

Research indicates that the average annual cost of living with ALS in the home is an extra $250,000 each year, to cover expenses like caregiving, special equipment, home modifications, communication devices, and life support measures. The economic impact to a family facing this disease can be devastating and span generations. Paying for a child’s college expenses is often impossible. 

The Iron Horse Scholarship pays up to $2,130 per semester for up to four years for an ALS patient’s dependent to attend a qualified post-secondary educational institution. The number 2,130 harkens back to Lou Gehrig’s record of consecutive games played with the New York Yankees. 

The Iron Horse Scholarship applications will be available in Spring 2019.

Adopt & Serve an ALS Family Program

ALS has always been an important cause for the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, in honor of baseball Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig, who was a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity when he attended Columbia University! Over the past decade members have raised millions of dollars for ALS and have also volunteered countless hours helping patients and their families locally.

The goal of The LiveLikeLou Foundation’s ‘Adopt & Serve an ALS Family’ program is to facilitate the connection between the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity members and ALS families in their communities. By connecting the Fraternity’s young men to volunteer with ALS families, we hope to make the disease more personal to them and teach them the important value of service in their communities.

Are you an ALS family looking for volunteer support? Complete our application.

Are you a Phi Delt chapter or alumni club that wants to support an ALS family? Complete our application.

Supporting ALS Research for a Treatment or a Cure 

The LiveLikeLou Foundation is focused on developing partnerships to facilitate learning amongst ALS scientists and to support innovative ALS research to find a treatment or a cure. 

LiveLikeLou Emerging ALS Investigators Forum 

The LiveLikeLou Foundation underwrote the inaugural, invitation-only, and closed-door symposium was hosted at The University of Pittsburgh’s Brain Institute in Fall 2018. More than 60 emerging scientists in the field from 17 different institutions convened for two days and addressed the ‘Physiological Relevance of Current ALS Models’ to determine how relevant current ALS models are to patient populations. This is of great importance since scientists develop drugs based on these models. Also, small group discussions at the event focused on: a) Autophagy and proteinopathy b) Neuroinflammation c) RNA metabolism d) New pathways.

Grants for future forums sponsored by LiveLikeLou Foundation are under consideration. 

Grants for ALS Research at Leading Institutions 

The LiveLikeLou Scientific Research Committee is initiating a rigorous assessment of research institutions with which to develop long-term partnerships and provide significant grants supporting pre-clinical research. Grants will be announced in the first quarter of each calendar year.