How We Make an impact

The LiveLikeLou Foundation is focused on two major impact areas:

1) Supporting individuals with ALS and their families.

2) Supporting ALS research to find a treatment or a cure.

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Supporting Individuals with ALS And Their Families

The LiveLikeLou Foundation delivers unique volunteer support to ALS families through arms-and-legs volunteer support in the home, life-enhancing experiences for kids, and financial assistance to pursue their higher education dreams.

The Great LiveLIkeLou Outdoor Clean-up FOR ALS FAMILIES

The Great LiveLikeLou Outdoor Clean-Up initiative matches registerd ALS families with individual volunteers from the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity for occasional arms-and-legs outdoor support in a manner that protects everyone from unnecessary exposure to illness or other risks. Both undergraduate and alumni Phi Delta Theta volunteers are involved with the program.

Spring cleaning. Yardwork. Garage clean-out. Simple, one-time outdoor repairs and chores. These projects should be scaled to the limitations required by local, state, and federal guidelines for social distancing. Services do not include medical equipment or supply-handling, transportation, or financial support.
There is no fee or obligation from ALS families in exchange for this support, and families may cancel the arrangement at any time. When your ALS family registers, we will attempt to recruit a Phi Delta Theta volunteer who resides near your home. Once we match your family with a Phi Delt volunteer, you and the volunteer can take it from there!

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Hope Loves Company, Inc.

Children living with ALS in their home often face difficult stigma, caregiving, financial, and grief challenges every hour of every day. There is nothing easy about their journey. And, normal childhood activities like summer camp often are not affordable or accessible. 

The LiveLikeLou Foundation is honored to partner with Hope Loves Company Inc., which provides free-of-charge summer camp experiences, virtual interaction, coping skills and camaraderie for children of ALS Families ages 6 - 21 across North America. Our funds directly support the operations of the camps to ensure these kids can enjoy a relaxing, enriching and nurturing experience, especially designed for the unique complexities of ALS. In addition to our financial commitment, volunteers from Phi Delta Theta are committed to work at the camps to help the kids fish, play music, throw a ball, roast marshmallows...

Learn more about Hope Loves Company

Iron Horse Scholarships 

The Iron Horse Scholarships support dependents of individuals with ALS with financial grants for their post-secondary educational goals, before or within five years of their loved-one’s death from ALS. While there is no age or GPA requirements, the LiveLikeLou Iron Horse Scholarship Committee will give preference to applicants who demonstrate financial need and academic promise. At least one award per year will be reserved for students pursuing an education in a field that will be of benefit to the cause of ALS. Awardees are expected to serve as ambassadors for the cause of ALS during the course of their award period through periodic engagement with The LiveLikeLou Board of Trustees, volunteering and/or fundraising activities (approximately 10 hours per year).

In honor of Lou Gehrig's record for consecutive Major League Baseball games played, Iron Horse Scholarships provides up to $2,130/semester for up to eight semesters. The value of each award will vary. Application does not guarantee an award or renewal.

The Iron Horse Scholarship application is currently closed.

Supporting ALS Research for a Treatment or a Cure 

The LiveLikeLou Foundation is focused on developing partnerships to facilitate learning amongst ALS scientists and to support innovative ALS research to find a treatment or a cure. 

LiveLikeLou Emerging ALS Research Learning Series and Biennial Forum

Working in partnership with the LiveLikeLou Scientific Research Committee, we select and partner with leading ALS scientists to nominate host institutions, presenters, and the invitation list for these important research learning events. Together we are providing opportunities for collaboration, research partnerships, unique instruction, and grant opportunities not otherwise available to emerging ALS investigators.   

Past LiveLikeLou Emerging ALS Investigators Series/Forum Awardees:

  • 2016 - University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute
  • 2018 - University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute
  • 2020 - The Barrow Institute Neurological Institute
  • 2021 - The Barrow Institute Neurological Institute

Grants for Emerging ALS Research

The LiveLikeLou Foundation develops grants to support emerging ALS researchers across North America and institutions committed to novel and innovative pre-clinical ALS research. 

The 2021 LiveLikeLou Career Development Award is now closed to new inquiries.

LiveLikeLou's Career Development Award is a financial grant with an annual payout value of up to $100,000, for up to two years—to be awarded beginning December 2021, to a junior ALS investigator or a team led by one junior ALS investigator from an R-1 Institution (or equivalent research institution) focused on pre-clinical ALS research and featuring collaboration from distinct scientific disciplines, with the goal of acquiring data needed for an NIH-level R01 grant proposal.

Key Dates:

  • May 6 - Q&A session with LiveLikeLou Scientific Research Committee members
  • July 15 - Letters of intent due
  • August 15 - Notification to letter of intent applicants
  • October 15 - Detailed research application due (invitation only)
  • December 15 - Announcement of 2021 LiveLikeLou Career Development Award

LiveLikeLou and Vanderbilt University Medical Center are teaming up for new ALS research!

Our campaign It's a Whole New Ballgame for ALS Research will raise significant funds for new, pre-clinical, and innovative ALS science at this top-tier research institution.

Our commitment is to help fund Middle Tennessee's largest investment in ALS discovery and build a community of support to sustain new science for this disease that needs more ‘at bats’ to find a treatment or a cure.

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We develop our grants based upon the recommendations of a volunteer Scientific Research Committee comprised of experts in the field. 

Members of the committee include:

Sami Barmada, MD, PhD - Research Professor and Assistant Professor of Neurology; Principal Investigator or the Barmada Laboratory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Gaylon Morris - Vice Chairman, LiveLikeLou Foundation and Chairman of Scientific Research Committee, Principal with MorSolutions with focus on Public Health, Public Policy, and Alliance Development

Tom Petzinger - EVP Business Development and Public Affairs, KNOPP BioSciences

Rita Sattler, MSc, Phd - Associate Professor of Neurobiology at The Barrow Neurological Institute and Principal Investigator of the Sattler Laboratory at Dignity Health of St. Joseph's Hospital

Daniela Zarnescu, PhD - Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Principal Investigator of the Zarnescu Lab, University of Arizona, Tucson